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A sculpture of candle holders
Hans Nagel

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STOFF Nagel taper candles, beige


The STOFF candles match the STOFF Nagel candle holders beautifully. The candles are produced from paraffin wax, a pure mineral product cleansed of impure particles. Furthermore paraffin wax has the smallest carbon footprint and the least environmental impact of all waxes.


The candles are solid-colored for an exclusive and rustic look.


The cotton wicks are made of 100% cotton, which affects the indoor climate less than traditional wicks, as fewer particles are released.


Quantity: 12 candles per package.

Burning time: 3,5 hours per candle.


Dimensions: h: 18 cm d: 1,3 cm


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STOFF Nagel taper candles (box with 12 candles)

Colour: Beige
Material: Paraffin wax
Dimensions: H: 18 cm, Ø: 1,3 cm
Net weight: 236 g
Item no: 26005
EAN: 5700002094070