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STOFF remote control


Use the remote control to set the timer and dimming on one or more of your STOFF LED candles at once.


The remote has 4 different timer options that automatically turns off the LED candles after 4, 6, 8 or 10 hours. The remote control also has a 3 position dimmer switch to create the perfect atmosphere in your home and prolong the battery life.


NOTE: When using the OFF button on the remote, the LED light is set to standby. In stand-by mode the candles still use a little battery. If you want to turn off the light completely to save the batteries lifetime, turn off the light by twisting the bottom loose. To get the best experience we recommend to always use our STOFF batteries for the LED candles.


Dimensions: l: 9 cm w: 3,9 cm h: 0,7 cm

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STOFF remote control by Uyuni Lighting

Suitable for the STOFF LED taper candles
Item no: 46003
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