STOFF Nagel®

A sculpture of candle holders
Hans Nagel

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STOFF glass base rectangular, smoked brown


The new STOFF Glass base is an exclusive addition to your candle holder collection. The special mirror effect embraces the light and elegantly captures the reflections of the candle holders to emphasize their shape and sculptural features to perfection. With the STOFF Glass base, you can create new dimensions for your favourite STOFF Nagel candle holders to make them reflect in infinity. The exclusive STOFF Glass base is made from solid coloured glass and has a thin felt layer on the underside to prevent your table from getting scratched. It comes in the colours smoked black and smoked brown in both a quadratic and a rectangular shape to fit your expression precisely.


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STOFF glass base, rectangular

Colour: Smoked brown
Material: Solid coloured glass
Dimensions: L: 30 cm, W: 17 cm
Net weight: 757 g
Item no: 2004
EAN: 5700002185853