STOFF Nagel®

A sculpture of candle holders
Hans Nagel

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STOFF Nagel Candle Holder Chrome

STOFF Nagel Candle Holder Chrome


The STOFF Nagel candleholder represents the essence of its time and its creators: An object which bears witness of the love to shape and functionality, but also a sculpture which pays tribute to the individual creative urge and the human’s wanderlust.

The design touches the Scandinavian virtues and minimalistic style when it elegantly catches the light in your living room and shapes itself with its surroundings, yet it holds a contrast to the edgy, stylistic and functional design. You can shape it as you prefer and create your own expression and underline its sculptural properties in your own unique way.


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Height: 6,5 cm

Diameter: 11,2 cm

Materials: Chrome plated metal

Sold seperately or in boxes with 3 in each.