STOFF Nagel®

A sculpture of candle holders
Hans Nagel

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For the STOFF Nagel SS20 collection, we would like to introduce you to a brand new and exclusive addition to your candle holder collection. The STOFF Glass base.
The special mirror effect embraces the light and elegantly captures the reflections of the candle holders to emphasize their shape and sculptural features to perfection.
With the STOFF Glass base you can create new dimensions for your favourite STOFF Nagel candle holders to make them reflect in infinity. The exclusive STOFF Glass base is made from solid coloured glass and has a thin felt layer on the underside to prevent your table from getting scratched.It comes in the colours smoked black and smoked brown in both a quadratic and a rectangular shape to fit your expression precisely.


Also, we are launching five new colours of the exclusive STOFF Candles by Ester & Erik. The new candle collection features the colours: Amber, Sand, Dusty Rose, Blue and Black.
The bottom of the candles are also tapered (cone-shaped) so they fit perfectly in the STOFF candle holders and stay in place.
The candles are produced and hand-dyed in Denmark and every single candle is quality checked down to the smallest detail. They are made with a traditional dipping technique where each cotton wick is dipped several times in warm paraffin of the finest quality until a beautiful candle is created. Finally, the candles are coloured by hand. The dipping technique and the unique quality ensure a well-formed candle with a clean and calm flame that slowly and elegantly burns down. The candles do not drip and are self-extinguishing so that no residues end up in the STOFF candle holders.

The fact that the candles are moulded in pure paraffin wax is a better solution for our environment. Namely, pure paraffin wax is cleansed of impure particles and is a natural product of our dear mother earth. Also, the cotton wicks are made of 100% cotton, which has an impact on our general well-being, as the indoor climate is less affected when burning.


For the STOFF Nagel AW19 collection we would like to introduce you to a very unique relaunch. The STOFF Nagel Antique Candle Holder.
The antique candle holder is made from the original design however there’s something quite unique about it. Each antique candle holder is hand painted and it’s impossible to find two completely identical ones. The beauty about the antique candle holder is that it patinates and can get traces of use over time. It especially enhances the rustic vintage look and make each antique candle holder even more unique.

In the new collection you will also find the brand new STOFF candles by Ester&Erik. The new candle collection features the colours: White, Light Grey, Mint, Dusty Green and Burgundy Red.
The exclusive handemade candles are made out of paraffin wax and are in a conical shape that makes them beautiful with the STOFF candle holders at a dinner table setting. The candles comes in a box with 6 pieces and has an average burning time on 4 hours per candle.


For the STOFF Nagel AW18 collection, we would like to introduce you to two new relaunches. The STOFF Nagel Bowl & the STOFF Nagel Stand.

The STOFF Nagel bowl is not just a bowl but also a candle holder that can be combined with the STOFF Nagel candle holders in even more beautiful and larger sculptures. The bowl invites you to be even more creative and to personalize your sculpture by placing the bowl in different ways in between your candle holders. The STOFF Nagel Stand can be used on its own or you may create a unique sculptural and extravagant candelabra by combining the stand with the STOFF Nagel candle holders.

In the new collection you will also find new candle colours in black and anthracite. They are coloured all the way through with a rustic look.