STOFF Nagel®

A sculpture of candle holders
Hans Nagel

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In the STOFF Nagel AW18 collection we would like to introduce you to the two new relaunches, the STOFF Nagel Bowl & Stand.

The STOFF Nagel bowl is not just a bowl but also a candle holder that can be combined with the STOFF Nagel candle holders in even more beautiful and larger sculptures. The bowl invites you to be even more creative and to personalize your sculpture by placing the bowl in different ways in between your candle holders. The STOFF Nagel Stand can be used on its own or you may create a unique sculptural and extravagant candelabra by combining the stand with the STOFF Nagel candle holders.

In the new collection you will also find new candle colours in black and anthracite. They are coloured all the way through with a rustic look.